Damon™ Q2

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Editor’s Intro: Damon™ Q2 — Ormco’s passive self-ligating bracket system with 2x rotation 

2x the rotation control

For several decades, the orthodontic industry has undergone rapid and significant change, especially when it comes to the evolution and growth of passive self-ligating (PSL) bracket systems. Over the years, with each bracket advancement, manufacturers have kept one goal consistent: improve treatment efficiency while providing patients with optimal comfort. Despite the breakthroughs with self-ligating systems in terms of efficiency and productivity, there are natural and inherent challenges and technical nuances that need to be addressed. With passive self-ligating brackets, some orthodontists may struggle with a lack of rotational control or the absence of tie-wing space, making it difficult to insert power chains underneath the wire. With that in mind, optimal rotation control is something that today’s clinicians demand and desire.

Now, following years of dedicated research and development through customer collaboration, Ormco Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of advanced orthodontic technology and services, is pleased to unveil the newest addition of the Damon System — Damon™ Q2 (DQ2). The new bracket system features 2x the rotation control,1 providing clinicians with the versatility to help efficiently treat all cases with simplified mechanics. DQ2’s superior control allows for heightened treatment reliability,2 efficiency, predictability, and flexibility. DQ2 arms clinicians with the treatment solution needed to help them efficiently and effectively care for patients to the best possible smile result.

Key product features of DQ2 include:

As the PSL market leader, the Damon System offers a combination of PSL brackets, light force archwire sequencing, and minimally invasive treatment protocols used to successfully finish over 6.5 million cases.

To learn more about DQ2, please visit www.ormco.com/products/damon-q2/ or connect with your Ormco sales representative directly for more information.

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