Insignia™ Advanced Digital Orthodontic Solution

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Your vision, customized

Insignia™ is a comprehensive digital design and treatment system that empowers you to achieve the ideal finish for each patient efficiently and consistently.

Invented by orthodontist and engineer, Dr. Craig Andreiko, Insignia was developed based on traditional orthodontic principles and was designed to elevate the treatment experience of doctors and patients. Dr. Andreiko says, “Insignia goes beyond, but does not dismiss, traditional cephalometric analysis by adding accurate 3D visualization of the desired result and then providing the specific appliances that encourage that result.”

The goal of Insignia is to minimize the many complex variables involved in each orthodontic case and provide consistent quality results across a wide spectrum of case types. The Insignia approach offers millions of treatment options per tooth — with each prescription based on the patient’s needs, the clinician’s preferred philosophy, human variability, and the algorithm built into Insignia’s Approver software. The result is fully customized appliance fabrication based on your smile design — with custom brackets, custom wires, and custom placement jigs.

The Insignia advantage

Based on research conducted by experienced Insignia users, the treatment solution generates proven results on improved predictability, precision, efficiency, and consistency. Using Insignia’s clear placement guides, the bonding accuracy rate was 98% across cases bonded by staff members with different levels of bonding experiences.1 Compared to traditional treatment methodology, cases treated by Insignia experienced on average 37% reduction in treatment time and 15% fewer visits per patients.2 Brackets repositioned per case were reduced on average by 84%. And 81% of the cases were finished without any bracket repositioning.3

In addition, the newly launched TruRoot™ feature combines CBCT root data with crown data from intraoral scanners or impressions for uncompromising accuracy in the representation of patients’ root positions. Of Insignia TruRoot users interviewed, 87.5% found the feature significantly improved their ability to visualize and predict root and tooth movement.4

 Insignia workflow

Tailored to your style and goals

Insignia doctors from all around the globe have experienced increased staff delegation, streamlined practice management, and significant business growth. No matter what your goals are, Insignia has a custom solution for your practice and your patient.

 Skeletal Class III, severely crowded maxilla, treated without extraction. Case treated by Dr. Ashley Smith of Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

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