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The ultra-fast 3Shape TRIOS® Ortho System™ streamlines impression taking, improves practice workflow, and increases patient satisfaction

More orthodontists are investing in intraoral scanners to create a more efficient workflow and to eliminate the hassle, patient discomfort, and inaccuracies of traditional impressions. There are a lot of options to choose from, and not all digital solutions are equal. Choosing the right system and buying from the right distributor are critical.

Impress your patients with digital impressions

A better patient experience starts with the scan. A small, lightweight, fast, and accurate intraoral scanner means that your patients will be more comfortable. The TRIOS®3 with pen or handle-grip design instantly provides on-screen, realistic-color intraoral scans that clearly distinguish between teeth, gingiva, and materials. You can let your patients watch as their scan appears on-screen in real time, and case acceptance improves when patients can see their clinical situation on-screen. Scanning is easy, accurate, and powder-free.

Digital workflows improve treatment planning through visualization and modeling tools

The scan instantly loads into the Ortho System Software so you can complete a full case analysis:

Case analyses can be customized according to your own methods, needs, and workflows. Software also includes customizable analysis wizards to guide users step-by-step through the process and allows for easy comparison of before and after treatment situations. Complete case histories are accessible from anywhere, and with 3Shape Communicate™, orthodontists can share and discuss cases online with colleagues and their labs or present treatment plans to patients. Data also integrates with third-party practice management systems such as Dolphin and topsOrtho™.

Seamless lab integration

Scans can be sent seamlessly to virtually any lab via 3Shape Communicate™. TRIOS® is approved for Invisalign™ case submission. This makes workflow easier and eliminates the costs and time associated with mailing models and impressions.

TRIOS®3 Color Pod

Ortho System Software — Advanced tools for treatment planning and case analysis

Exceptional service and support

When it comes down to selecting a scanner, much of the challenge is making sure your distributor will be there for you as you integrate the new technology into your practice. Great Lakes is dedicated to making the transition for you seamless. We provide 2-day setup and training in your office, as well as access to training information and videos, and ongoing software support from experienced technicians.

Great Lakes doesn’t just sell digital scanners and software. We use them in our own lab, so we understand them inside and out. Orthodontists have trusted us for over 50 years to help them build practices, and we’re here to help you as you take your practice digital.

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