Practice Profiles

  • Dr. Jeffrey Sessions +

    This orthodontist’s mission is exceptional service and exceptional experience What can you tell us about your background? I grew up in Oregon, attended Oregon State University for my undergrad education and Oregon Health and Science University in Portland for my dental training. During my junior year, I decided that I Read More
  • Sarah C. Shoaf, DDS, MEd, MS, DABO - Recipe for Great Smiles +

    What can you tell us about your background?  I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but my parents moved to Durham, North Carolina before I started high school. After high school in Durham, I went to Wake Forest University in a 3-2 program with the Bowman Gray Physician Assistant program, Read More
  • Dr. Stuart Frost +

    What can you tell us about your background?    My father was a dentist, and my twin brother and I would go down to his office when we were teenagers and fool around in his dental lab. We knew we would be dentists when we graduated from high school. I Read More
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Clinical Articles

  • White spot lesion treatment alternatives: an in-office trial and survey +

    Drs. Bethany R. Middleton, Donald J. Rinchuse, and Thomas G. Zullo investigate current trends of treatment alternatives for white spot lesions Abstract Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate the efficacy of MI Paste™ compared to fluoride used in mitigating white spot lesions. Simultaneously, a survey was designed Read More
  • The importance of nasal breathing and its effect on the direction of mandibular growth +

    Dr. Nelson J. Oppermann discusses nasal breathing as an essential component to optimal orthodontic results Introduction The effect of breathing patterns on facial growth of children has been well documented. Many articles indicate that nasal obstruction leads to respiration changes, which can influence the facial development pattern.1-4 Read More
  • Treating completely blocked canines and full step Class II malocclusion +

    Dr. Todd Bovenizer presents a full step Class II malocclusion with blocked-out canines utilizing light open coil springs and elastics with the Damon™ System’s Damon™ Q brackets Evaluation and treatment of Class II malocclusion can present a challenge to the practitioner. One must consider the facial ramifications, as well as Read More
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Practice Management

  • 3 reasons you need to re-evaluate your digital marketing strategy +

    Diana Friedman discusses ways to keep online marketing strategies fresh As a successful orthodontist, you understand that the processes and procedures used to treat your patients are under a constant state of evolution. You realize that many of the treatment approaches that worked so well just a few years ago Read More
  • Who is ”minding the store” of your practice? +

    The actual practicing of orthodontics is just one of the items that require the orthodontist’s time. This also pertains to attracting new patients, improving case acceptance, working smarter, completing treatment on time, keeping current with technology, and maintaining profitability. The orthodontist’s ability (and availability) to manage the business of the Read More
  • Growing the money tree +

    William H. Black, Jr. discusses the financial advantages of having a good plan in place Your practice is established. You have a good reputation and a good management team in place. Gone are the days of building the practice and putting all profit back toward growth. That’s the good part!  Read More
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Propel Orthodontics, a manufacturer and supplier of innovative orthodontic procedures and devices that are revolutionizing the way teeth are moved in orthodontic treatment announced today the official launch of a paid clinical evaluation for its Propel System.

The Propel System is a micro-invasive procedure performed by Orthodontists to greatly reduce the time in which teeth are moved.  Through a ground-breaking scientifically proven, patented process called Micro-Osteoperforation™, the alveolar bone is stimulated to induce an inflammatory response that greatly accelerates tooth movement in the treated area.  When used during active treatment, the length of time required to move teeth has been shown to be reduced by up to 50%.  Orthodontists involved in the clinical evaluation will be compensated for their involvement.

Those interested in participating in the paid clinical evaluation and receive free product are encouraged to log onto for more information.


About Propel Orthodontics, LLC

Propel Orthodontics is the manufacturer and supplier of innovative orthodontic procedures and devices which aim to revolutionize tooth movement.  In 2010, Propel Orthodontics developed the Propel System, a novel micro-invasive procedure that is relatively painless for the patient and requires minimal training by the treating clinician. This procedure induces a local inflammatory response on teeth under any modality of orthodontic forces which has been scientifically proven to effectively accelerate the movement of teeth by up to 50%.  Propel Orthodontics is rapidly expanding its position within the dental market with many more products and treatment options to be introduced in the near future.




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Ortho2 Announces Release of ViewPoint 10.1

(Ames, IA) July 21, 2014—Ortho Computer Systems, Inc. announces the release of ViewPoint 10.1. This new version of ViewPoint introduces many enhanced features and improved functionality designed to optimize the efficiency of the practice.


ViewPoint’s new release includes the scheduled reminders functionality which allows users to schedule recurring messages such as daily appointment reminders and weekly birthday reminders.


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